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when should I change MY spark plugs?

Newer generation BMWs produced from around 2001 onwards are fitted with a digital service book called “CBS”, otherwise known as Condition Based Servicing.


This essentially means that your BMW vehicle will tell you when it needs a new set of spark plugs. If the last spark plug service was carried out to the correct standards, a digital alert will appear on the speedometer dash area or on the idrive screen (if your vehicle is fitted with an idrive) when the next service is due.

However, it is worth noting that spark plugs can detoriate faster than usual which is largely dependant on your driving style and whether your BMW vehicle is tuned or stock. Badly worn sparks plugs can lead to minor or severe engine misfires, loss of performance and increased fuel consumption.



Spark Plug Firing

We can diagnose and replace your faulty spark plugs to manufacturer standards by following detailed and strict guide lines.


This involves:

  • paying close attention when removing old parts to prevent cross threading due to carbonisation and corrsion.

  • cleaning the area throughly and carefully to prevent contaminants from entering the combusion chamber.

  • installing new BMW spark plugs with the correct tightening torque specification.

  • resetting DME ignition adaptations and service CBS indicator.


BMW brakes

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your BMW engine is tuned to increase power output beyond stock level, then you should definitely consider replacing your BMW spark plugs at half the recommended service intervals because they will deteriorate much faster when you drive hard, and why would you tune your car if you are not going to use the power. It is crucial that you keep your ignition system in tip top condition to minimise the chance of engine detonation / engine knock under high boost pressures or heavy load conditions which can lead to a catastrophic failure.





parts & cOMPONENTS

There are 3 main spark plug manufacturers globally who produce spark plugs for all car manufacturers including BMW;


BMW Spark Plugs

  • NGK

  • Denso

  • Bosch

Their products are fitted to vehicles rolling off BMW production lines with BMW logo imprinted on them. They are also factory fitted to vehicles from other car manufacturers.

We offer two options to our clients;


  • Genuine BMW spark plugs (NGK, Denso or Bosch)

  • Directly sourced NGK, Denso or Bosch spark plugs


There is no difference between the two in terms of quality or performance, because they are produced by the same manufacturer to the same standards and quality. The only real difference is the higher price tag that comes with the genuine BMW part.

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