Oil Service

Key to engine health, performance, longevity and fuel efficiency.



Condition based servicing

Newer generation BMWs produced from around 2001 onwards are fitted with a digital service indicator system called “CBS”, otherwise known as Condition Based Servicing. This essentially means that your BMW vehicle will tell you when it needs an oil change and the reminder message will appear on the speedometer dash area or the idrive system (if your vehicle is fitted with an idrive).


The CBS system has evolved over the years with the help of advances in sensor technology, enableing the onboard computer to analyse the condition of your engine oil with ever more accuracy and precision than before. This is combined with BMW’s clever algorithm which takes into account various other factors such as how hard the engine is driven, giving you a real time indication of when an oil service is required for your vehicle.



service intervals


The BMW recommended oil service intervals are far too long and if you truly want to maintain a healthy, reliable and efficient engine that lasts way beyond the warranty period, you should have this service carried out more often, or ideally at half the recommended service interval.


BMW recommended oil service intervals can be anywhere between 15,000 miles up to 25,000 miles.

It is true that engine oils have come a long way and perform far better than their predecessors thanks to science and engineering, however, it does NOT mean that they can last such long intervals without serious deterioration in their quality and therefore the physical properties required to provide maximum protection for your engine.


long term reliability

The majority of BMW vehicles today are turbocharged which not only increases engine operating temperatures leading to faster oil degradation, but the turbo charger itself is also heavily dependent on oil quality for lubrication as it spins up to a ludicrous 200,000 RPM (Rounds Per Minute). I am sure you can see where we are going with this. The turbo charger is even more sensitive to oil quality and pressure than the engine itself which makes frequent oil service a must if you want to avoid excessive wear and therefore premature turbo failure.

ENGINE Oil specification

We use fully synthetic genuine BMW oil.


Alternatives to genuine BMW oil is the highly recommened fully synthetic Castrol Edge FST or fully synthetic Mobil 1 ESP Formula which are both high quality state of the art engine oil.

Oil Filter


We offer two types of oil filters;

  • Genuine BMW oil filter
  • Bosch or Mann OEM Quality oil filter (depending on availability)

In our opinion, there is no difference between them in terms of performance, and the price difference is negligible. It comes down to your personal preference but we like to give you the option.

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