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For improved engine response and fuel Economy.


when to change YOUR fuel FILTER

Newer generation BMWs produced from around 2001 onwards are fitted with a digital service book called “CBS”, otherwise known as Condition Based Servicing.


This essentially means that your BMW vehicle will tell you when it needs a new Fuel Filter element. If the last service was carried out to the correct standards, a digital alert will appear on the speedometer dash area or on the idrive screen if your vehicle is fitted with one, to indicate when the next service is due.



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Fuel filters are probably the most commonly neglected service items on BMW vehicles. It plays an important role in the proper functioning of your BMW engine fuelling system. It does this by keeping the fuel supply to your engine clean and free from contaminants, thus protecting your high pressure fuel injectors from getting clogged and malfunctioning.

If your BMW fuel filter is not replaced on time, it can become extremely restrictive and therefore affect the load on your low pressure fuel system which directly controls the high pressure fuel pump. The common symptoms experienced are poor engine response, difficult start-ups and excessive fuel consumption.

We recommend that you follow the service intervals advised by the Condition Based Servicing system which is displayed on your speedometer dash area or the i-drive screen if your vehicle is fitted with one.


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We only recommend genuine BMW fuel filters as they have proven to be much more reliable and durable than their third party OEM counterparts.

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For this reason we only supply and fit Genuine BMW Fuel Filters.

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