exhaust emissions test

Good emissions means a healthy engine.



when should I take my car in for an exhaust inspection?

Newer generation BMWs produced from around 2001 onwards are fitted with a digital service book called “CBS”, otherwise known as Condition Based Servicing.


This essentially means that your BMW vehicle will tell you when it needs an Exhaust Emissions Test. If the last service was carried out to the correct standards, a digital alert will appear on the speedometer dash area or on the idrive screen (if your vehicle is fitted with an idrive) to advise you that a service is due.


whats involved


We thoroughly check your exhaust system for leaks and inspect its overall condition in great detail. Following the visual inspection, emissions are accurately measured by attaching an electronic probe (calibrated) to the tail pipe and running the engine at specific rpms. We then check the results against BMW specifications and if within range, it will pass.

We also look out for excessive smoking and variations in smoke colour that may indicate poor combustion and therefore high emissions.  



parts & cOMPONENTS

BMW brakes

We use and recommend genuine BMW parts for repairs, as well as high performance OEM manufacturers who often surpass manufacturer standards. Majority of the components can only be sourced from BMW directly and in our opinion BMW supply the best quality components for your vehicle, with the exception of parts for high performance applications.

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