AIR FILTER & Microfilter

For better Performance, better Economy and lower Emissions.


when to change YOUR AIR FILTERS

Newer generation BMWs produced from around 2001 onwards are fitted with a digital service book called “CBS”, otherwise known as Condition Based Servicing.


This essentially means that your BMW vehicle will tell you when it needs a new Air Filter and Microfilter element. If the last service was carried out to the correct standards, a digital alert will appear on the speedometer dash area or on the idrive screen (if your vehicle is fitted with an idrive) to indicate when the next service is due.


In order for your engine to breath freely, the air filter element must be replaced at the recommended service intervals if not earlier, depending on the condition of the filter. A badly polluted and clogged air filter can lead to reduced engine power, increased fuel consumption and higher emissions.


Servicing your BMW air filter element is an inexpensive way of making sure your BMW engine is running smoothly at maximising fuel efficiency. We recommend that you follow the digital Condition Based Servicing intervals unless you do a lot of driving in city traffic and more polluted areas, in which case we can inspect the filter elements for you and advise if a replacement is required.



BMW Microfilter (Cabin Filter)

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Microfilters improve the air quality and the overall climate of the internal cabin, allowing the driver and all the passengers to breath clean air free of odours, microorganisms and pollution. It is certainly a matter of health and safety and you should not ignore this service item to save on costs.

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Benefits of changing your BMW Microfilter are:


  • Improved cabin air quality

  • Reduced pollen and allergens

  • Reduced pollution

  • Bad odours eliminated



parts & cOMPONENTS

In our professional opinion Genuine BMW Air Filters are superior in quality than their equivalent third party OEM filters, even if they are produced by the same manufacturer.

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The difference between the two parts is not significant but nevertheless, there is a difference and the genuine BMW part is in fact the better quality product.

We like to provide both options to our clients;


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  • Genuine BMW Air Filter

  • Mann OEM quality Air Filter

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