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All repairs are carried out to standards that exceed those set by the manufacturer.



Fault Diagnostic for your BMW

If your BMW vehicle has broken down or it is suffering from an intermittent fault, we can accurately diagnose the fault and provide you with a repair solution to get your car fixed and back on the road as quickly as possible.

Our vast knowledge and expertise coupled with our state of the art dealership level BMW diagnostic equipment allows us to track down all types of faults with great level of accuracy.


do not worry we have got you covered

BMW brakes

When you are extracting more power from your higher mileage engine, weak components in the driveline can fail very quickly and suddenly which is why you tend to see more frequent components failures on newly tuned vehicles. This can even happen on low mileage vehicles so it is not entirely based on mileage alone. Servicing, driving style and general wear and tear all play a part.

Having said that, this does not mean that you can’t have a reliable tuned engine. It just means that the weaker components that were already failing must be replaced sooner rather than later which is actually a good thing. This pattern of failures continues until all the weak links have either been replaced or upgraded.

Once you have addressed all the common faults and weaknesses, you will then be able to enjoy thousands of miles of trouble free reliable motoring, providing that you service your vehicle more frequently than the BMW recommended intervals. That’s a no brainer really.


1. Technical Expertise

BMW brakes

BMW’s of today have become far more sophisticated than their predecessors. They are engineering master pieces garnished with highly advanced mechanical and digital technologies that are working together seamlessly in the background.

There are countless sophisticated sensors built into your vehicle, sending masses of data back to multiple computers all in real time. Many driveline components are programmed electronically with specific tolerance values. Everything is monitored and controlled by the on-board computers from your door lock mechanism to engine operation and braking system.

So when it comes to repairs, a high level of knowledge, expertise and skill is required to meet BMW standards or even exceed them and this is precisely what we offer to our clients. We adhere to strict engineering guidelines and pay great attention to every aspect of our work, from tightening sequences and torque specifications to component alloy compatibility and loading capacity.

2. Quality control

BMW brakes

All repair worked is thoroughly inspected after completion to ensure correct installation of every single component involved. We then move onto to further testing of the rectified fault, followed by a final visual inspection to complete the repair process.

3. Quality parts

BMW brakes

We only use and recommend BMW Genuine Parts for all repairs and tune ups which come with 2 years BMW parts warranty.


However, if you are an enthusiast looking to enhance the performance of your vehicle, we also recommend and use high performance upgrade parts from a number of leading part manufacturers.

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