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An accurate and reliable diagnosis saves you time and money.



Fault Diagnostic for your BMW

If your BMW vehicle has broken down or it is suffering from an intermittent fault, we can accurately diagnose the fault and provide you with a repair solution to get your car fixed and back on the road as quickly as possible.

Our vast experience and expertise coupled with our state of the art dealership level BMW diagnostic equipment allows us to track down all types of faults with great level of accuracy.

the testing procedure

BMW brakes

We start by running a full software diagnostic check on all the Electronic Control Units (ECU) in your BMW vehicle, allowing us to;

  • Analyse all stored fault codes

  • Run component specific tests and calibrations

  • Analyse engine and transmission sensor data in realtime

This is then followed by a visual inspection of targeted areas and further tests carried out utilising various forms of physical diagnostic equipment and techniques.

A two stage process

1. Isolation

During the Isolation Test we try to identify the faulty component/s based on our experience, knowledge and preliminary diagnostic results using our BMW diagnostic hardware.


2. Confirmation
We then move on to the Confirmatory Test where we test the isolated parts by initialising component specific software tests in addition to physical diagnostic tests (where applicable) in order to confirm that it is in fact faulty.

Our Promise to You

Our methodical and insightful approach to BMW Fault Diagnostics ensures that your vehicle repair does NOT turn into a costly exercise of trial and error part replacement. We understand how frustrating it is when you keep throwing money at the problem, replacing part after part based on poor advice from garages.

We specialise in what we do so you can rest assured that we will only advise on repairs once we are fully confident of our diagnosis which is backed up by a thorough and detailed investigation.



important note

BMW brakes

Fault codes on their own are not always sufficient to confirm a diagnosis as they could be triggered for a variety of reasons, including failure of the sensor itself. A single faulty component can also trigger multiple fault codes so it is really down to the expertise of the technician to narrow it down to its root cause.

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